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Provides Solution to Enable Consumers to ReducePrescription Drug Costs Without Changing Pharmacies

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AccreditedRX Discount Prescription Coupon

free prescription drug coupon enables consumers to obtain discounts at most major pharmacies without cost or obligation. Click here for high-resolution version.

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AccreditedRX.com formulated a solution to expensive consumer drug prescriptions. Now consumers may purchase prescription drugs from most chain drugstores at negotiated bulk prices as if they were members of a plan. By visiting AccreditedRX.com, consumers print out a coupon usable at most major pharmacies to obtain their prescriptions at discounted prices. There is no cost to the consumer.

The free prescription discount coupon can be used over and over again and does not expire. Discounts on prescription drugs will range from 10% to 85% of the retail price. Consumers with insurance can ask the pharmacist to determine if their copay is higher than the cost of the prescription with our discount card.

Our company consists of a general holding corporation with various subsidiaries and ventures. With over 1,000 shareholders, our focus is on ventures that will bring residual income and expansion to our enterprise. Presently, subsidiaries are maintained relating to intellectual property, technology, environment, travel, and financial services. We are no longer affiliated with the restaurants bearing our name.